Sustainable Premium Quality

Sustainable Quality Cricket Flour for Human Consumption

We achieved the same sustainable product quality on all our farms. We have an option to deliver from Thailand and Indonesia. We don’t supply poor quality products at the lowest price from random farms. 

We aimed to build farms, that would work only for export high-quality insect-based protein to the developed countries and meets all international requirements. 

Special Diet for the Crickets (Acheta domesticus) 

The quality of our product for human consumption is what matters to us the most. Our product is organically produced cricket powder. It is made of dried, ground crickets (Acheta Domesticus, 100%)

We decided to use more expensive, certified, organic animal feed on all farms. It is sustainable, processed animal feed. We do not use any food waste, vegetables, fruits which are definitely cheaper. 

As the result of this, we are confident in the following: 

  • the sustainable product nutritional values
  • the sustainable amino acid profile
  • no risk of diseases for crickets 
  • GMO free 
  • sugar free 
  • soy free
  • gluten free
  • dairy free

All statements are confirmed by laboratory tests. 

We Meet International Production Standards

In Indonesia and Thailand we use the same feed and production guidelines, processing techniques that allow us to provide our customers with sustainable product quality. Our farms were built to produce the highest quality grasshopper powder for export.  

Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 (source)  informs us the following: «Union legislation applicable to food is also applicable to novel foods placed on the market within the Union, including novel foods imported from developing countries.» What matters is following all the EU production standards or equal.» 

We are proud to have confirmed high standards equal to HACCP such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certificates. 

We are the first and the only HALAL-certified cricket powder. 

Processing Procedure: 

  1. Crickets are washed 4 times in clean water. 
  2. Crickets are frozen using a blast freezer (+40 degrees C), then kept in freezer (-20 degrees C) for 72 hours. 
  3. Frozen crickets are steamed for 15 minutes then drained. 
  4. Crickets are then put in vacuum air dryer at 80 degrees C for 6 hours (until reach target moisture level) 
  5. Crickets are cooled at room temperature for 30mins (whole crickets) 
  6. Crickets are crushed and milled into fine powder form (powder)  

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