Who we are

Our story began with the unexpected meet. A confluence of external factors leads one of our founders to learn about the product and the farmers. We found out about all the positive facts and the role of a novel food in the future of the planet and its impact on the environment and future of the food.

We made our own research that showed the full potential of such proteins. This knowledge became the inner fire for all of us.

We gathered different people with different backgrounds that are crucial to maintaining this type of business. From one side we have a team with expertise in AI development, Web development, Business Management, Digital Marketing, International Logistics, and Law. On the other side, we have partners with a vast international of plus 20 years experience and scientific expertise in the entomology and farming field.

In this way, we create the core of our company – people, who are responsible for their product.

New age technologies insure us in the constant quality of our product, meet all the requirements of the European Union and deliver the best premium cricket powder all over the world.

We aimed to build farms, that would work only for export high-quality insect-based protein to the developed countries and meets all international requirements. 

In Indonesia and Thailand we use the same feed and production guidelines, processing techniques that allow us to provide our customers with sustainable product quality

Our mission

We aim onto being the lead supplier of premium cricket powder in Europe.

We share and support the mission of our partners, which has become our mission in Europe.


To be the leader in entomophagy with the production, harvesting and distribution of organically produced insect protein of the highest quality, reducing environmental impact at the same time.


To promote and educate the perception of insect protein consumption by raising global awareness of its relevance and socio-political impact related to entomophagy.


To contribute in solving the future food crisis by incorporating the most advanced knowledge of the entomophagy industry.


To help provide graded feed alternatives and protein enhancers to farmers, producing healthier and certifiable organically produced fish and chicken, pet food.

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