Cricket Powder Wholesale

Our farms specifies on daily shippings to businesses, retail stores and food producers. We aim to deliver our best quality cricket products crafted in Indonesia and Thailand to the USA, Europe, China, Singapore and other АSEАN countries. Shipping options to other countries are also available.

Our lead times are volume driven and range from immediate to six weeks delivery as our crickets are harvested and crafted. 

We now have FREE SHIPPING options available for our wholesale pricing orders with long-term contract option. If you work with a distributor, let us know and we can speak to them directly about including our products with your current orders.


  •  100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, and 5kg available.
  •  Bulk: 10kg, 25kg available upon request.

For more information, simply fill out our wholesale edible insect contact form to get started. Please include information about your company such as the location, website. Thanks again and we look forward to work with you!

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